Anti-Apartheid Workshops

#1  Saturday Dec 13,  10 am to 11 am, Trades Hall Wgtn. Easy ways which you, and your union or community can help bring down apartheid. Boycotts work – and helped bring down apartheid in South Africa!

Why ALL the Palestinian Trade Unions support the boycotts, and so do the workers!! (even though they are afraid to say so at work!) Boycotts are Palestinian workers’ key hope for reclaiming their stolen land and ending military occupation and apartheid!

#2  Saturday, Dec 20, 10 am Trades Hall Wgtn — With Gaza still in ruins, how can we help? Workshop for NZ Unions, Students, Consumers and the General Public. Palestinian workers and families need our solidarity — Small Actions can have Good Results!

BDS Leadership in our Communities A one hour workshop at Trades Hall, from 10am to 11am Saturday, to learn new knowledge and skills. After, we’ll practice sharing our new knowledge and skills! (11.30 to 12.30!)

Union background an advantage! Families and Youth all welcome too.


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