Christmas in Occupied Palestine

No houses, no stable situation.

The Israeli military invaded the West Bank and East Jerusalem in 1967 and it routinely takes land and bulldozes homes with Caterpillar bulldozers.  Palestinians face constant threat of their homes being destroyed. This is against human rights law, and is also illegally used as a form of collective punishment.  Don’t buy Caterpillar toys, clothes or shoes; ask shops not to sell.

Land stolen, Olive Trees Uprooted

Palestinian olive trees are a sacred symbol of peace to them, and many Palestinians’ main livelihood. But these lands are being encroached on by the Israeli government, for illegal settlements. Illegal settlers (squatters) routinely destroy Palestinians’ olive trees while the Israeli military looks on. Thousands of Palestinians’ livelihoods are destroyed this way every month.  Help protect trees and re-planting — Buy Palestinian olive oil at Trade Aid!

Gaza – still under siege and blockade

Israel’s 2014 attacks on Gaza destroyed 18,000 homes; killed 2,104 people including 495 children and maimed 10,224 people. 9 hospitals and 148 schools were bombed.  110,000 people are now homeless according to OCHA.  For these crimes against humanity, and for testing munitions and chemical weapons like depleted uranium, Israel is in breach of the Geneva Convention. Sign a Petition: NZ Superfund – Don’t invest in war crimes or apartheid.

Christmas in the West Bank

The apartheid wall annexes key areas of Palestinian land for illegal settlements.  Built on stolen land, it affects the lives of at least 220,000 Palestinians directly. It separates Palestinians from their property and farms (which are confiscated for illegal settlements). The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has clarified that the wall is about land grabs, not “security”, and ruled the wall and settlements illegal. Don’t buy illegal settlement products, such as Soda Stream.

Christmas in Bethlehem

Bethlehem is surrounded by the apartheid wall, which snakes through the occupied West Bank, confining Palestinians into bantustan-like ghettos. Checkpoints and apartheid-only roads make travel to work or school often impossible, let alone visiting family or accessing medical care. Women have died giving birth because they are refused access to hospitals. Don’t buy HP or Motorola — they provide systems for illegal checkpoints.

You can help this work by volunteering, contacting us, donating, or boycotting SodaStream etc.

Please email:  or


Aotearoa BDS supports peace, freedom, justice, and equal rights for Palestinians.  

It is  against all forms of racism and discrimination.

You can help this work by volunteering, contacting us, donating, or boycotting SodaStream etc.

Please email:



According to the UN there are over 4 million Palestinian refugees, most of whom are stateless in refugee camps. They are not yet allowed to return home.

Equal Rights

Even Palestinian citizens of Israel are desperately campaigning for equal rights. They face over 50 discriminatory laws, even as new apartheid laws threaten to take away even those remaining rights. Meanwhile the Prawer Plan aims to dispossess 70,000 Bedouin of their lands in the Negev, the biggest ethnic cleansing within the green line since the 1950s.

A Civil Rights Movement

In 2004, the International Court of Justice ruled the Apartheid Wall illegal, but nothing was done. In 2005, over 170 Palestinian civil society organisations agreed that a global non-violent movement was needed, like that which helped bring down apartheid in South Africa, to (1) End the 1967 occupation and the wall; (2) Equal rights (3) Refugee rights.

Boycott, Divest, Sanction (BDS)

Internationally, the effective non-violent means to support Palestinian Civil Rights, are Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions (BDS) , until Israel complies with international law.

A few easy things you can do!

  1. BOYCOTTS!  Don’t Buy Soda Stream this summer!  Soda stream manufactures goods on an illegal apartheid Israeli settlement in the West Bank, on stolen land. Profiting on stolen land is against international law. ALL the Palestinian trade unions and workers support boycotting Soda Stream, even though workers were pressured to say otherwise. To help the campaign:  or
  2. DIVESTMENT! Sign a Petition: NZ Superfund – Divest from occupation /apartheid:
  3. Like BDS Wellington on Facebook!
  4. Help hand out flyers at markets with our awesome team! Or volunteer with research, typing or admin! Or — Just drop us a line to say HI, even if you can’t volunteer!
  5. Print out posters! Welcome to put them up in your community, or invite shops, dairies, libraries, community groups, businesses or cafes to put them up! Here they are:

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