jerusalemMust see:  Palestinian Documentary Film
(54 min, followed by panel discussion)

SATURDAY 27 JUNE 2015, 7.00 p.m.
84 Taranaki St, Wgtn – Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

$10 Public; $8 Concession  – fundraiser for Jerusalem Centre for Women, a Palestinian women’s human rights organisation.

Directed by Mohammed Alatar, Produced by Terry Boullata and the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC)

‘Jerusalem, the East Side Storyis essential viewing  to understand the situation in East Jerusalem today. Award-winning director Mohammed Alatar reveals the history, of Israel’s occupation, illegal annexation and ethnic cleansing of the old city of East Jerusalem.

The documentary brings the Palestinian struggle for freedom and independence to light.

 ‘Jersualem: The East Side Story’ (2007) exposes the past 50 years of Israeli military occupation policies in East Jerusalem, and their devastating impact on the city and its peoples. Before taking on each issue, historical context is clearly presented through archival footage.

Many Jerusalemites tell their story, including Palestinians and Jewish Israelis. The film includes interviews with Palestinian and Israeli leaders, human rights activists and political analysis.

This Wellington screening of Jerusalem: The East Side Story will be followed by apanel discussion with

  • Don Carson (Wellington Palestine Group) 
  • Jenny Hawes (New Zealander recently returned from the Middle East)
  • Monsignor Gerard Burns (head of Caritas, Pacific.)

Funds raised will be donated to the Jerusalem Centre for Women (JCW) 
as requested by film Producer Terry Boullata

More info about The Jerusalem Centre for Women: (JCW)
“… the struggle for women’s rights is a crucial component to achieving human rights for all Palestinians. JCW works for empowering female activists, students, and professionals so that they are able to effectively communicate and participate in Palestinian civil and political society.
It also provides training for a new generation of young leaders dedicated to advancing women´s rights and creating a culture of human rights and democracy in Palestine. JCW is devoted to assisting women to develop their skills and confidence in becoming agents of change and powerful advocates for their communities while resisting Israeli occupation.Furthermore, JCW considers it important to support Palestinian women in apprehending, addressing and altering the male societal patriarchy. With a strong focus on advocacy and media, JCW aims to raise local, national, regional, and international awareness of violations of Palestinian women´s rights by using varied advocacy techniques, including the use of new media, social networking, lobbying, researching, documenting, and disseminating information to key outlets and decision makers.”

JCW’s Advocacy and Human Rights Program works to make international law relevant to the women of East Jerusalem and the West Bank, working with them to challenge and change policies that undermine human rights, empower them, and work towards rights based alternatives.

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