New Zealand Government should take a stand, to uphold human rights and International Law in Occupied Palestine

Pal Rally steps
STAND WITH PALESTINE RALLY, Wellington 24/10/2015

Human Rights, Interfaith and Peace Groups took to the streets in Wellington on Saturday 24/10/2015.

Over 200 people gathered in Wellington to protest Israel’s summary executions of innocent people, and to campaign for an end to the occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. This was just one of many demonstrations for Palestinian rights around the world this week.


Numerous social media and eye witness reports are coming through, debunking Israel’s trumped-up posthumous “charges” and confirming that Palestinians executed by Israel recently were actually innocent.  Please see for example Zack Sabella’s blog live from the West Bank and East Jerusalem… [trigger warning]

Israel’s extrajudicial killings in the occupied Palestinian territories, are a chilling contrast to the IDF soldiers’ “moral army” claims at Victoria University last month.  Academics signed a petition against the University hosting the two IDF soldiers defending war crimes at the university on September 29th 2015.



Leading up to the demonstration, students from Victoria University organised a street theatre and interactive banner to raise awareness. The street theatre also reached thousands of people over Friday evening to Saturday morning.

Street theatre

The Victoria University students’ street theatre educated the NZ public and drew attention to the issue of Israel’s random, reasonless executions of Palestinian civilians.

Israel has randomly executed at least 50 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, since October 1st  2015, without evidence, arrest, formal charges or trial. Israel has also ‘accidentally’ executed Israeli citizens and asylum-seekers in this process, thinking they were Palestinians.



Meanwhile Palestinian groups have organised widespread demonstrations calling Israel to end the occupation and stop the killings. These are the largest civil demonstrations in occupied Palestine in ten or twenty years.

The media should be covering this largely non-violent civil resistance. Meanwhile, over 50 Palestinian people have been executed without charges or trial while the media reports only the trumped-up charges.  The executions and trumped up charges are forming a media eclipse on huge civil protests against the occupation.



New Zealand should lead the international community in confronting Israel about the occupation and summary executions.  International pressure could force Israel to drop such policies. The New Zealand government has the channels to raise this, and should do so.

Earlier in 2015, New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully condemned Indonesia’s execution of the Bali 9 (with trial.)  However so far, McCully has not yet condemned Israel’s summary executions of innocent Palestinians — executions which are taking place without arrest, evidence of crime. McCully should condemn this immediately.

New Zealand is a High Contracting Party to the Geneva Accords, and has a seat on the UN Security Council.  Also at present Israeli citizens are automatically granted visas to New Zealand, with no application process or mechanisms to identify war criminals or decline their visas.  New Zealand has also been asked to join the global weapons embargo on Israel.

Israel has militarily occupied the Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem since 1967. This month Israel has given its occupation forces the green light to shoot Palestinians first and ask questions later.

Failing to protect the rights of Palestinian civilians under Israeli occupation violates UN Security Council resolution 1322 (2000). United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 requires Israel to withdraw from the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza (the occupied Palestinian territories).

We demand that the New Zealand government publicly, though all channels, including through its position on the UN Security Council, condemn Israeli violence and violations of international humanitarian law and further that the New Zealand government take practical steps under its obligations as a High Contracting Party to the Geneva Accords, to force Israel to end the occupation, stop summary executions, and comply with its international obligations.         


Stop Summary Executions, End the Occupation;

Support Palestinian Self-determination, Civil Rights & Humanitarian Rights Now!

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